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We are pleased to offer our partnership with KnowledgeCity. KnowledgeCity offers over 8,000 online video tutorials covering all areas of Human Resources. In addition, they have video tutorials covering Business Skills, Computer Software, Safety Compliance, etc. You can join as an individual or as a company. If you are looking to have your company utilize all that KnowledgeCity offers, please contact me so we can come up with a plan to best suit your needs.

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KnowledgeCity offers a complete training solution with:
- Unlimited access to ALL courses: watch every lesson of every course, as many times as you want
- Top quality: all content adheres to the highest US standards
- Experienced instructors: all courses taught by university professors and national experts
- Flexible format: learn at your own pace
- 24/7 access: learn anywhere, anytime
- Certificates of Proficiency offered for every course

- Dedicated customer support online and by phone
- Learning Management System (LMS): track your company’s training progress
- Training Need Analysis: each user gets a personal training path of courses relevant to them

We are thrilled to have KnowledgeCity as a partner!

Knowledgecity is your training solution: Find out why KnowledgeCity is the #1 resource for your training needs. Your time is valuable; don't waste it training in classrooms or seminars when you can train anywhere, anytime.